LLM is a wrapper around various LLM providers, making your function implementations LLM-agnostic.

LLM Features:

  • Built-in timeout mechanism for better control when a provider takes too long.
  • Automatic retry with configurable back-off for errors.
  • Use different LLM's with different configurations for different functions.
  • Streaming coming soon.

Currently, the only supported LLM is OpenAI, but more can and will be added.

Note: You can use and call methods on LLM's directly, but they are usually passed to an LLM executor and then called internally.


The BaseLlm class is a simple wrapper around an LLM client. The class wraps all calls to the LLM client with an error handling retry mechanism, and configurable timeout. Basic usage metrics are persisted within each instance you create.

When using any LLM that extends the BaseLlm, the options below are available in addition to any specific options that module define. See OpenAI LLM.


timeoutnumber30000Max execution time of API call to the LLM, in milliseconds.
maxDelaynumber5000Used for retry back-off. Max time to wait between attempts when timeout has been reached, in milliseconds.
numOfAttemptsnumber0Used for retry. How many attempts should be made before throwing error
jitter"none" | "full"noneUsed for retry back-off.

Extending BaseLlm

// TODO: elaborate. Until then check the source, it should have comments.

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