OpenAi Functions Executor

To take advantage of OpenAI Function Calling announcementopen in new window|docsopen in new window, You can use an LlmExecutorOpenAiFunctions. A LlmExecutorOpenAiFunctions is exactly like a regular llm executor - in fact, it just extends the class and adds options with some additional type restraints.

Basic Example

Highlighted below are the few lines that demonstrate the options for a

const llm = createLlmOpenAi({/* options */});
const instruction = `You are walking through a maze.
You must take one step at a time.
Pick a direction to move.`;

const prompt = createChatPrompt(instruction);

const executor = new LlmExecutorOpenAiFunctions({

const functions = [{
    name: "move_left",
    description: "move one block to the left",
    parameters: {/* options */}
    name: "move_right",
    description: "move one block to the right",
    parameters: {/* options */}

const response = await executor.execute({
  input: "Hello!"
}, {
  function_call: "auto",
  functions: functions,



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